The  future RISO ComColor digital printing press is the standard of excellence which will be applied to the purchase of the GreenStone Printing Press.  

  •  Design

  •  Printing               

  •  Binding

  •  Duplicating

  The future GreenStone Printing Press will meet the emerging demand for commercial quality  

   printing of all types of literature in the multiple  languages of Ethiopia. It will  specialize in "on

  demand " short runs of books for all needs, including children, universities, non-profit

  organizations and  churches, as well as serving the community's duplicating needs, i. e. flyers,

  brochures, etc. 

   Together with  printing production,  graphic designers and IT specialists  will monitor the  

   advancement of technology such as e-readers.  

    Print kiosks will be placed in significant population centers such as shopping malls and          

    near universities.