2016-17 Preview 2 min

For our Ethiopian friends who speak the Amharic language, this video is from the first stop  in Hoseana, Ethiopia.   The video allows you to worship in Amharic, listen to an inspiring born-again Ethiopian Orthodox Priest who traveled with the team and witness the excitement of the first bible distribution with Girma Oda and Abeba Gola!

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What makes GreenStone Ministry different from other Bible Ministries?  This is an important question to answer.  We are pleased to be among groups of other non-profits whose focus is to bring God's Word to unreached people of the world.   

Our Mission Statement says  "GreenStone Ministry brings bibles to people in remote areas who cannot afford to buy a bible."   The key word here is "brings".  Sometimes  bibles are brought on the backs of donkeys or horses, in boxes carried by strong people, and by van over sometimes rough and bouncy roads!  Bringing bibles also includes opening our hearts to serve the people receiving the bibles whether by physically feeding them, hosting mini-conferences or leading anointed times of worship sometimes  outside in God's creation.  Often people in rural areas walk for miles to receive a bible.


Sadly 90% of Ethiopians cannot afford a bible.  GreenStone Ministry is so pleased to address this problem whether by short-term bible distribution or long-term supported by a future printing press  in Addis Ababa.  

Read about the history of Bible Distribution started by Immanuel AMEN International Gospel, Encouragement and Worship Ministry in 2004.

A total of 1500 bibles in the Amharic  language  were given to believers in hard to reach rural areas.  700 packets of School Supplies and 50 soccer balls were shared with children youth.

This 2-minute preview introduces "The GreenStone Difference,"  Let us know if you would like to show the 30-minute video at your church or small group.    A small group of Ethiopians will come to your church and  assist in the presentation, including a traditional Coffee Ceremony.   For promo reasons, the 2-minute video may be shown on Facebook or at a church, on the Sunday before the showing of the full-length video.

2014 First GreenStone Ministry Bible Distribution  5 min

2016-17  GreenStone Difference 30 min

2016-17 Amharic Worship in Hoseana  30 min