1.   Click Green One Time Gift button
2.  Type in amount: $10 or more

​3.   Fill information as requested.
4.   Notice of One Time Gift will be sent to GreenStone.
5.   Amount will appear on your credit/debit card.


​​​​​              POLICIES

          SHIPPING No shipping requirement

           RETURN No Return Policies

       TERMS AND CONDITIONS No Policy Requirement

                   PRIVACY The information you provide will NOT                                 be shared with any third party organizations.   Thank you for participating  in the GreenStone  campaign.

​​​​​ Misc. Info:​

  • All gifts are tax deductible.   
  •  90% of rural Ethiopians cannot afford a Bible.
  • Bibles are not for re-sale.  
  • Team members travel at their own personal expense.  
  • Donations are used for  purchase of Bibles and distribution. 
  • Bank of America Merchant Services secured web-site. 
  • Foreign currencies accepted​​​.

LOVE Offering to purchase and distribute 1 Bible is $10.

                Total Bibles Distributed: over 16,000


1.  Select the  Monthly Pledge Amount drop down menu. 2.  Chose monthly pledge amount 
3.  Click  Green Pledge Now button

4.  Provide required information
5.  Notice of pledge will be sent to GreenStone.
6.  Pledges will appear on your credit card on

     21st of  each month. 
NOTE Pledges made before 21st, for the first month only, will appear on your credit card immediately and again on the 21st.  Pledges made after the 21st will appear on your credit card on the 21st of each month. 





  Testimonials:  ​

  • " I began pledging $20 per month a year ago  and plan to continue indefinitely"  -  Anon. 
  • "Recently a husband and wife each pledged $10 per month on separate cards.  Praise God!"         
  • "I don't even miss that $10 per month pledge.. Thinking about ​increasing to $20."    
  • ​"Is it still  OK to write a check?  I'm not comfortable using the internet."                   Answer "YES​ "
  • ​Send to Ministry address: 30 E. Brown Road, Unit 2094, Mesa, AZ 85201