• GreenStone Ministry International brings Bibles, Bible Study Guides, school supplies, soccer balls, and clothing to people who live in remote areas of Ethiopia.

       ​​​"Your  W O R D  is  a  LAMP  to  my  feet  and  a  LIGHT  to  my  path."  Ps. 119:105

  • GreenStone Ministry Ethiopia connects with local pastors to provide over 15,000 Bibles to date for individuals and families in Ethiopia! Inspirational week-end conferences at host churches in rural areas bring pastors and elders together from surrounding villages who walk miles to attend and to bring Bibles back to their churches. 


G r e e n S t o n e Ministry

  I N T E R N A T I O N A L

  • Sadly there is an urgent Bible shortage in Ethiopia and all of Africa.  The population numbers millions and according to the Ethiopian Bible Society, only thousands of Bibles have been available.  Bibles are printed in China and Korea and only a few are printed in the native major languages of Ethiopia.  

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 Board of Directors  

Addis Kidane | Abeba Gola | Tammy Barba | Carol Petersen | Kevan Delaney

Locations in Doha, Qatar, London, England, Ethiopia and the US

contact: bibles@greenstoneministry.org

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Former Muslim youth receive a GSM Bible after their baptism!

This little girl is bringing a new Bible to her family!