February Baptism and Bible Distribution

March, 2022 -- 175 baptisms!

  • The top photo is from the most recent baptism with Bible Distribution of 175 new believers on the second week-end of March.! Praise God for the growth of the Kingdom in this blessed nation!

  • A long wait preceded the baptism and Bible  Distribution in February. (photo 2 and 3) The safety of all participants, many who had traveled for several miles, was of prime importance due to civil unrest. People waited without food and accommodations!  A local ministry provided needed support. Finally, after weeks of waiting, most were baptized and were given their new GSM Bible!     We rejoice with the men and women, boys and girls whose happy faces and voices tell the story!

  • A new documentary will include a video of the baptism.  Watch for the announcement inviting mission groups, local congregations and inter-ested mission organiza-tions to contact us for a showing and sharing of  present and future   GreenStone Ministry !