The GreenSton​e Dream  

 April, 2010

As told by Tafesse Kidane,  founder of  Immanuel AMEN  International Gospel, Encouragement and Worship Ministry and GreenStone Ministry.  


          “In my dream I was at a large conference and I momentarily left the meeting in  order to place a phone call to the Ethiopian Bible Society.   I put in my quarter and started to dial when for some reason I decided not to make the phone call.  I wanted my quarter back so after I hung up, when I tried to take my quarter,  many quarters came flooding out of the telephone box. There were so many I didn’t know what to do with them all.  

            I was able to put them into a sack and when I looked again inside the phone box a bright green stone  appeared in place of  the quarters.  A voice said that I should take the stone so I placed it into the sack with the quarters.  For some reason my conference  badge was misplaced and I was concerned about getting back into the conference,  but the same voice said it was ok, and not to worry about it.” 

             Tafesse  Kidane was advised by a close friend to call a Christian woman who interprets dreams.  When he told her the dream,  she said that the green stone represents Bibles.  She did not know anything about Immanuel AMEN’s  Bible distribution project and Tafesse’s involvement in it.  

              In the book of Revelation,  John describes the new Jerusalem, the Holy City in chapter 21, verse 19, like this:  “The foundations of the city walls were decorated with every kind of precious stone . . . the fourth was emerald.”